Course Layout

Build Your Fence To Fit Your Needs

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    Coyote Run Equestrian standards are a unique 3-sided standard that offers you many options when it comes to laying out a jumping course. Start with 2 standards and a rail.

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    By adding one more standard, you now have a second fence. The built-in correct angle keeps both jumps clear for access from both sides.

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    Again, we have added one more standard and now have 3 complete fences. See how the outer two give a 'lead-in' effect for the inner—helps keep you straight.

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    Add one more and a double is formed. The spacing depends on the length of the rails: 12-ft. rails give 24 ft.; 10-ft. rails give 19 ft.

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    Carry on building to whatever standard you want to achieve, simple or advanced, to suit your jumping area.

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